RICI X – The 10th Iberian Meeting on Colloids and Interfaces!

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The 10th edition of the Iberian Meeting on Colloids and Interfaces (RICI X) will take place from June 23th to June 26th, 2024, at the historical city of Coimbra, Portugal. Building on the success of previous editions, RICI X aims to continue fostering collaboration and scientific exchange in the vibrant field of colloids and interfaces.

RICI, short for Reunión Ibérica de Coloides e Interfases/Reunião Ibérica de Colóides e Interfaces, is a collaborative effort between the Grupo Especializado de Coloides e Interfases (GECI) of the Real Sociedad Española de Química (RSEQ) and the Real Sociedad Española de Física (RSEF), along with the Grupo de Colóides, Polímeros e Interfaces of the Sociedade Portuguesa de Química (SPQ). This event serves as a platform for researchers from Spain, Portugal, and around the world to come together, share ideas, and explore the latest advancements in colloidal science.

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