The Romero-Nieto Group at the Castilla-La Mancha University offers different positions.

  • 4 PhDs positions in the development of new p-extended six-membered phosphorus heterocycles for materials applications. This project will be a part of an international consortium of five research groups focusing on the investigation of new phosphorus-based systems for optoelectronic applications. The goal will be to develop novel advanced systems to open up new research possibilities in material science.
  • 2 researchers for the development of colorimetric sensors for bio applications. (Patent protected) This project will be a part of an international consortium focusing on the integral development of advanced materials. The goal will be the synthesis and development of new highly specific colorimetric sensors for the detection of targeted bio-active molecules.
  • 1 project manager. This position will involve the overall administration of the group, in particular, probjects planning and administration, including communications with institutions and entities, general maintenance of devices and additional tasks (organization of seminars, conferences etc).

Universidad de Castilla La Mancha

Fecha límite/Deadline:

The selection process ends once a candidate is selected.

Más información/More information:

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