PhD Position in Protein-design of functional bio-inspired systems

>PhD Position in Protein-design of functional bio-inspired systems

A PhD position is available in the area of Protein-design of functional bio-inspired systems. The project is in the framework of an ERC Consolidator Grant (ProNANO) focused on the development of a modular versatile platform for the fabrication of protein-based hybrid functional nanostructures for their use in different applications including molecular electronics, optical plasmonics, bioorganic catalysis, and photoactive systems among others.

The project involves the design and functionalization of protein scaffolds to obtain functional hybrid structures. The candidate will focused mostly on the generation of biomolecular materials through the design of protein scaffolds, their functionalization and supramolecular assembly for applications in the field of bioelectronics. The candidate will carry out the design, production, characterization and selection of the scaffolds. At a second stage the produced scaffolds will be used for the precise spatial arrangement of active components in order to create units with defined structures and functions. Finally these molecular units will be assembled into complex multi-functional materials and their performance and potential integration into devices will be evaluated.



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