PhD positions available in Energy Storage materials

>PhD positions available in Energy Storage materials

Two fully-funded 4-year PhD studentships in the area of energy storage materials are available in the group of Dr Nuria Tapia-Ruiz at the Department of Chemistry, Lancaster University, commencing in January 2020.

The research in our group focuses on understanding fundamental physical and chemical properties of energy storage materials, with emphasis on metal-ion batteries (Li-ion, Na-ion, K-ion and Zn-ion), to improve their electrochemical performance in terms of capacity, safety and duration. During this project, you will be trained in core practical techniques in synthesis, characterization and electrochemical testing, and will have the opportunity to further your knowledge through regular group meetings and seminars. You will have access to brand new facilities and equipment, including a brand-new chemistry laboratory with cutting-edge battery equipment and departmental facilities such as an NMR suite, X-ray suite, AFM and others.


Lancaster University

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