Applications are invited for a position as postdoctoral researcher in the Carbon Bionanotechnology group at CIC biomaGUNE. The project focuses on the synthesis and functionalization of carbon nanoforms (nanotubes and carbon dots in particular). The project is highly disciplinary involving also material characterization studies. Therefore, the candidate will interact with experts in different disciplines, in an international environment and with the opportunity to learn different characterization methods (i.e. optical spectroscopy, AFM, TEM, XPS, SEM etc). CIC biomaGUNE in San Sebastian is a leading research centre in the area of bionanomaterials and molecular imaging, recently (2018) recognized as a Centre of Excellence in the Severo Ochoa/Maria Maeztu program. The centre maintains vibrant weekly scientific seminars given by visiting leading scientists and research stay periods




Fecha límite/Deadline: