Postdoctoral Position in Protein-based Hybrid nanosystems

>Postdoctoral Position in Protein-based Hybrid nanosystems

A postdoctoral position is available in the area of Engineered protein-based multifunctional hybrid nanosystems. The project is in the framework of an ERC Consolidator Grant (ProNANO) focused on the development of a modular versatile platform for the fabrication of protein-based hybrid functional nanostructures for their use in different applications including molecular electronics, optical plasmonics, bioorganic catalysis, and photoactive systems among others. The project involves the design and functionalization of protein scaffolds to obtain functional hybrid nanostructures and explore their application in nanomedicine, more specifically in Photodynamic Therapy.



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2020-05-28T23:17:34+02:0011 mayo 2020|