Thesis proposal: Valorization of Cannabis sativa L. residues: Fractioning and Nanotransformation (VALCANA). This doctoral project will be based on the complementary know-how and expertise of the Génie Enzymatique et Cellulaire (GEC) unit and the laboratoire de Glycochimie et des groressources d’Amiens (LG2A) at the University of Picardie Jules Verne in Amiens (France), in the fields of lignocellulosic biomass fractioning and carbohydrate processing respectively. Two regional industrial partners specialized in the production of «wellness» hemp, La Ferme Butruille – les casiers du maraîcher and Sativatech will make available a wide range of lignocellulosic residues (stems/leaves) from different growing conditions. This trans-disciplinary project is part of a territorial approach and will contribute to improving the circularity of this fast-
growing economy.


Laboratoire de Glycochimie et des Agroressources d'Amiens (Amiens, France)

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The selection process ends once a candidate is selected.

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