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The Scientific and Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you to the «Metals and Water» Virtual congress to be held from June 24 to 25, 2021.
It is the fourth edition of this International Congress after the successful meetings in Almería (2015), Jaca (2017) and Wuppertal (2019). This year the meeting was scheduled to be held in Zaragoza, but the special conditions due to Covid-19 force us to hold a virtual Metals and Water. This aspect was not desired but, nevertheless, we see it as a great opportunity to facilitate the participation. We are sure that the great atmosphere of the past editions will be achieved.
The main purpose of all editions of «Metals and Water» has been always intended to enrich our respective disciplines through the direct exchange of ideas and discussion of them. Therefore, we kindly invite national and international groups interested in the chemistry in water to participate in this new virtual edition.

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