Through the Europe-Japan collaborative project DECOSMOL, the Molecular Electronics Laboratory at IMDEA Nanociencia (Madrid) and the Organometallic Chemistry and Molecular Electronics at Universidad de Granada are looking for a shared PhD Student to work on the study of the electrical properties of individual molecular entities as core of future technologies such as Spintronics, 2D Materials or Bioelectronics. In this project, the student will work in a combination of techniques going from molecular synthesis to electron transport characterization. The student will use a homemade Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy recently equipped with electrochemical control and thermal monitoring, that has allowed gain rich knowledge on the importance of molecular bond, molecular conformation, add-atoms, and molecular bridge among others factors on the electrical characteristics1,2,3,4. The student will explore the spin-dependent transport in single molecules, working with magnetic polarized electrodes.


IMDEA Nanociencia & Universidad de Granada

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The selection process ends once a candidate is selected.

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