CIC energiGUNE is seeking for a person interested in pursuing a PhD in physicochemical phenomena of wetting-drying (intrusion-extrusion) of nanoporous materials with non-wetting liquids. The fundamental questions targeted in this project are motivated by the applicability of intrusion-extrusion process to thermomechanical-to-electrical energy conversion, thermal actuation, sensing, negative compressibility, negative thermal expansion and column chromatography. The position is funded by the ERC (European Research Counsel) in the context of the proof-of-concept project NoDry. The project aims at investigating the effect of solutes (different gases, in particular) on spontaneous extrusion of non-wetting liquids from nanopores for the benefit of the applications mentioned above. This exciting project promotes an active collaboration between CIC energiGUNE and the theoretical team of Professor Alberto Giacomello at Sapienza University in Rome and other world-leading experimental and engineering teams.


CIC energiGUNE

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