The Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid is looking for a PhD Student to join the project Photocatalytic and Light Down-Shifting Metal-Organic Materials for Solar Energy Harvesting (MOM&SUN, PID2022-138968NB-C21).  This project is aimed at developing novel coordination compounds (materials) designed to perform as photocatalysts for hydrogen production, CO2 valorization, the remediation of polluted waters through the photo-oxidation of persistent organic dyes and/or as light down-shifters (DS) to improve the performance of solar photovoltaic cells.


Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Fecha límite/Deadline:

Septiembre 2023

Más información/More information:

Folleto informativo

2023-09-14T23:09:08+02:0014 septiembre 2023|

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