One postdoctoral position is available in the Heterogenous biocatalysis group to discover and engineering new C-C forming enzymes for their further integration in artificial metabolic networks. The project aims at discovering and engineering new C-C forming enzymes for the condensation of simple organic compounds into multi-functional and branched molecules. This project will be developed in the framework of ERC-Consolidator project (METACELL) funded by the European Union in the contexto of the Horizon 2020 program. This is a interdisciplinary project that seeks to broaden the toolbox for C-C coupling reaction using biocatalysis, with the ultimate goal of integrating the best enzymes into artificial metabolic networks for the biomanufacturing of chiral fine chemicals. The project will be carried under an international environment and will bridge enzyme and metabolic engieering through a multidisciplinary research plan. This project will be supervised byProf. López-Gallego (Heterogeneous Biocatalysis laboratory) from the CIC biomaGUNE.



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