One postdoctoral position is available in the Heterogenous biocatalysis group to perfom multiscale fluorescence studies of immobilized enzymes. The final goal of the project is understanding the enzyme functionality and stability at the interface with solid materials throung operando techniques. The project aims at developing new fluorescence and spectroscopic techniques to understand the kinetics of enzymes at the interface with solid materials (i.e biopolymers, plastics…). This project will be developed in the framework of an ERC-consolidator project METACELL. The candidate will work in an interdisciplinary and international environment to develop fluorescence and spectroscopic methods that shine light on the enzyme functionality when bound to and confined into solid materials. This interdisciplinary project will involve tasks in enzymology and fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy (NMR, RAMAN…). This project will be supervised by Prof. López-Gallego (Heterogeneous Biocatalysis laboratory) from the CIC biomaGUNE.



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