One postdoctoral position is available in the Heterogenous biocatalysis group to depolymerize polyurethanes using enzymes as catalysts. This project aims to exploit the biocatalysis in the circular economy of plastics. The project aims at screening new enzymes to 1) fabricate renewable monomers for the polymerization of polyurethenes, and 2) degrade polyurethenes into ready-to-use building blocks to close the loop of the polyurethenes. This project will be developed in the framework of a TED project funded by the Spanish Research agency in coordination with Prof. Sardon and Prof. Muller from the UPV/EHU. This is a interdisciplinary project that seeks to provide new solution for the circular economy of one of the most widely used plastics; polyurethanes. The project will be carried under an international environment and will bridge biocatalysis and polymer chemistry through a multidisciplinary research pla. This project will be supervised byProf. López-Gallego (Heterogeneous Biocatalysis laboratory) from the CIC biomaGUNE.



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