The Institute of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry of the Universitat de Barcelona (IQTCUB) is currently accepting applications from motivated predoctoral students with experience in synthesis, who want to join the project led by Prof. Eliseo Ruiz and Dr. Silvia Gomez. The candidate will join the research group to work in the synthesis of magnetic molecules. This project will mainly focus on synthesis and structural characterization, but the molecules will be employed for magnetic characterization and also single-molecule transport studies using scanning tunnelling microscopy.  In principle, such additional studies will be performed by other members of the research group.  The host group already obtained an FPI grant in the Maria de Maeztu program to start in summer 2022 that could be an option for the candidate to follow the research in the same group.


Institute of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry - Universitat de Barcelona

Fecha límite/Deadline: